Personalised with a name Monkey Themed crayon or pencil holder box. 
Perfect gift for kids on many occasions!

Made with 3mm plywood.
Requires basic assembly. The fit is quite tight, but we recommend using wood glue to make sure it's ok. Box will be sent as a "flat pack" to reduce the costs of postage.

We offer three different sizes.

Monkey in front and back is the same in all (approx 11x11cm), but sizes inside are different:

Small: H:7,7cm x L:3,5cm x W:5,4cm
Medium: H:7,7cm x L:6cm x W:5,4cm
Large: H:7,7cm x L:10,4cm x W:5,4cm, divided into two right in the middle.

Engraving space is roughly 7cm wide and 1,5cm high so longer names will need to be either stretched or smaller in size.
Font of your choice.

Please note, that it's made with plywood, it can be not uniform in colouring or wood can have some imperfections.

Personalised with a name crayon/pencil holder box - Monkey theme