Beautiful and unique Wedding Invitation, Standing Hearts. Laser cut and engraved.
Invitations come as flat card. Recipient will push out the parts and put hearts into the base. 
Can be FULLY personalised, please see details below.

Can be FULLY personalised, please see details below.

We offer four different finishes:
- Plywood 3mm
- Veneered MDF - OAK - 4mm
- Veneered MDF - CHERRY - 4mm
- Veneered MDF - MAPLE - 4mm

Size A6 : 15cm (6") by 10cm (4")
Invitations come with no envelopes. You will need to get envelopes matching the size, correct size of envelopes is C6.

Surprise all guests with a unforgettable invitation!

Whole text area can be personalised.


Of course if you like the idea but want to change this and that, do not hesitate to ask for the changes, I'm sure we will work it out.

Please note, due to texture of REAL WOOD, there might be some difference in colouring and there could be some imperfections.

Wooden Wedding Invitation - Standing Hearts