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Laser engraving is a similar process to cutting, but we use less power but higher speed. When a laser beam hits the material burns or evaporates a pixel on the surface leaving on most materials high contrast compared to untouched surface. With burning a lot of pixels we can create graphics, texts or even photographs (although only in greyscale). During engraving the laser head moves in lines – similar to ink printers. That means the process is often rather slow, but due to the high power of our machine it is still very fast in comparison to cheaper laser systems. Some materials engrave quicker, some slower. Some cannot be engraved at all and others leave rather bad results. Maximum engraving area in our machine is 740x437mm. It is worth mentioning that engraving is often mistaken with etching. Although the final result is similar, the process is different. While engraving is a physical process (either by laser or rotary tools), etching is a chemical process (eg. by acid).

For thin lines it is possible to vector engrave – it is like cutting, but using minimal power, by doing that we leave a burned line that has not got through material. Also called Scoring.

Work Area Size: 740x437mm

Maximum Height of an engraved item: 200mm

We can supply a lot of materials or we

can use your own.

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